At the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Social Work, our doctoral graduates differ from those in many other schools in two key areas: their scholarship focuses on social practice and policy interventions, and they receive especially rigorous training in critical theorizing, measurement, design, and statistics. Upon graduation, they are positioned to become leaders informing and effecting social change. Recent graduates have faculty appointments at top universities such as Boston College, Columbia University, University of Michigan, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Washington University; others have accepted prestigious post-doctoral positions at Duke University and Yale University, or research positions such as at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.


The following doctoral candidates are entering the job market. This site features each candidate’s biography, CV, and contact information. If your organization has an opening that would be a good fit, or if you know of an opportunity elsewhere, please feel free to contact the individual directly via the email address listed at the end of their biography.


Associate Dean for Doctoral Education Dr. Matthew Howard would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the candidates, including their areas of research and teaching, and the preparation they have had while enrolled in the doctoral program. Please contact him at if you would like additional information.

Current Doctoral Candidates

  • Ashley D. Givens, MSW, LCSW

    Ashley GivensResearch and teaching interests include criminal justice involvement, early adulthood, mental health, trauma and trauma-informed interventions, diversity and social justice, research methods, statistical analysis, social welfare policy, and practice with adolescents and families.
  • Brianna Lombardi, MSW

    Brianna LombardiResearch and teaching interests include child and adolescent victimization, screening and prevention of re-victimization, behavioral health, child and family-level interventions for behavioral health disorders, the child welfare system, social work practice in integrated health care settings, direct practice, advanced research methods, and human behavior in the social environment.
  • Charity S. Watkins, MSW

    Charity WatkinsResearch and teaching interests include adolescent and youth development, poverty and social policy, race, ethnicity and immigration, research design and measurement, school social work, work, family and family policy.